Hi! I’m Jess Diks, and I love patterns and color! I have been involved in surface pattern design and pattern licensing in various capacities since 2014.

I primarily create seamless repeating patterns with bold motifs in bright colors. I am inspired by the natural world and by finding wonder in everyday objects.

I create my art by hand, cutting motifs from linoleum sheets and rubber blocks to ink and print on paper, giving my finished pieces an authentic feel through the imperfectly printed textures and linocut ‘chatter’ lines.

I then digitize the motifs, and create seamless repeating patterns using Adobe Photoshop. Final patterns for licensing can be provided in large-format JPEG, PNG, or layered PS files, but please note, I do not work in Illustrator, and cannot provide AI vector files.

I would love to hear from you! Contact me to discuss your art licensing needs, or to see more of my art in my password-protected portfolio.